Star Soccer Methodology

Enjoyment Factor

We want players to enjoy the game by sharpening their soccer brains. Positve reinforcement, keeping everyone moving and involved in the play. Energy and enthusiasm in our coaching  keeps players upbeat and engaged.

Latest European Technical-Tactical Methods

Star Soccer programs are in accordance to the latest European technical-tactical training methods.
  • Perception: sight, sound and touch; Reading the changing environment
  • Decision Making: deciding upon and selecting the correct response
  • Motor Response: applying the correct technique at the correct time
During the game a soccer player will
  • Change direction, turn over 1000 times
  • Be on 1 vs. 1 situation over 20 times
  • Sprint 62 – 76 times (12 to 15 meters)
  • Run 15 km, jog or sprint (forwards, lateral,backwards)
  • Will make thousands of decisions
Our training sessions are guided by the above elements to elevate the soccer player's athletic ability.

10-12:1 Player:Coach Ratio

  • Identify session’s goals
  • Demonstration
  • Practice
  • Coaching points
  • Practice
  • Change environment/aim progress
  • Goalkeeping training
  • Overall Fitness and Wellness
    • Within our Program we emphasize character behaviour by exercising:
      • Self Control
      • Involvement
      • Self Responsibility
      • Group Responsibility

Current Programs